Rumen Bypass Fat

GopiLac® is the 1st generation bypass fat with the combination of palm fatty acids and calcium. It is regarded as undisputed 1st choice of dairy farmers world wide. The calcium mixture helps to protect the breakdown of fatty acids into rumen.

Product features

Ingredients: Palm Oil Fatty Acids, Calcium, Water (Moisture)

Crude Fat (%): Min 84

Calcium (%): Approx 9

Water/Moisture (%): Max 5

Storage & shelf life

Shelf life 12 months from date of manufacture, provided, product is stored in original un open packing in a cool, dry and odour free area with ambient temperature.

Intended use

GopiLac® can be used as a rumen bypass or protected fat along with combination of calcium and is high energy feed additive for ruminants.


GopiLac® is available in dry, free flowing granular form and is packed in 25 Kg Kraft Poly Bag.